Xantia LHM tank dis-assembly and cleaning (French)

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Xantia LHM tank dis-assembly and cleaning (French)

Post by rmunns » 29 Mar 2010, 21:16

I found this. Very good for pictures and (page 2) diagram of components.


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Post by Xaccers » 29 Mar 2010, 21:32

Handy tip for removing the resevoir:

Once you've removed the two 10mm nuts at the back, move the airbox out the way and use a long wide screwdriver or pry bar under the resevoir to pop it out.
Much easier than trying to tug it out and spilling LHM :)

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Post by MJM » 30 Mar 2010, 08:20

There's a nice diagram of the steering column showing the universal joint which occaisionally needs attention on page 2, as well. :)

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