Speedometer dies when radio is left on after car turned off

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Speedometer dies when radio is left on after car turned off

Post by hj79 » 11 Feb 2014, 09:15

I wanted to share an error that I have on my Peugeot 406 -00. Maybe it can happen to other PSA cars too, I don't know.

I bought a JVC radio player and put it in my car. This radio is *NOT* among the recommended models from Peugeot... Anyway, I installed it and it and it works fine, until I turn off the car and let the radio play that minute the car allows it to play before it turns off the power it self.
What happens next is rater amazing. The speedometer dies when I turn on the car again.
(This error only occurs for me when I leave the radio on after the car is turned off)

How do I fix it?

It's easy. Just disconnect the ABS sensor located on the cars left strut bar, leave it off for a couple of seconds and connect it again. Voilà. There you go!
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Re: Speedometer dies when radio is left on after car turned

Post by Ron3 » 11 Apr 2014, 01:01

Is that a one-time fix, or does this guy have to keep doing that every time he turns off the car with the radio running? I've never heard of this kind of reaction -- why would it happen? Of course I've never come across a car without a radio either... My concern would be that if this can go wrong, what else may suddenly and strangely happen, perhaps when the car is in motion?
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