Attention Potential New Members!!!

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Attention Potential New Members!!!

Post by CitroJim » 04 Nov 2011, 18:36

All new member signups are scrutinised by the admin team before activation.

To assist the admins in this task each potential new member must provide a "Location" a list of "My Cars", at least one of which should be French. This is not some elitist thing but one of a number of measures to evaluate registration request to keep spammers and other undesirable elements out.

Please be aware that this justification must be completed sensibly and will be displayed in your posts. Saying "I'm not a spammer" or "I want to join" and other such anodyne statements is not enough. Your application will be deleted. End of.

As I say, this is not elitist but we know from experience that spammers are wise to the standard justification mechanisms and can be fairly convincing.

Can I suggest please that :
  • For your location you give the town or county if you live in the UK, and your country and town if you are lucky enough to live elsewhere
    In your "My Cars" you include the car(s) you drive. Something along the lines of "1976 Matra Bagheera "
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