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Re: Now you can really LIKE the French Car Forum

Post by xantia_v6 » 21 Feb 2016, 05:33

Hell Razor5543 wrote:While I have yet to use the Like/Love feature, I am already getting irritated by the fact that, whenever somebody Likes/Loves a comment I get shown all of the Like/Love action (as opposed to just the once since I last saw them). It clutters up the home page when I log back in.

As an experiment, I have added another option to the user profile that lets the user choose to see only "recent" likes on the index page.

"Recent", in this case is since the beginning of the user's previous browsing session on the forum. There are technical reasons for choosing that as the threshold time.

This setting does not (at this time) affect what is shown on the topics pages.

I will only keep this option if a few people like it.