Correcting the Activa lean

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Correcting the Activa lean

Post by Xaccers » 15 Jan 2010, 12:38

Ah correcting the Activa lean :)

You will need:
1 tape measure with 73mm marked
1 torch
1 short magnetic spirit level
2 13mm spanners
Ramps/pit - basically anything that lets you get under the front of the car with it's front wheels on something solid that's high enough as not to squish you should the car drop all the way down to low and make a mess
1 Activa sized area of level ground
1 leaning Activa

With the front wheels up on the ramps on level ground, engine running and height selector on normal, get under the front of the car to the roll corrector behind the engine.
Attach the spirit level to the flat subframe.
Out of each side of the roll corrector is a 13mm hexagonal union attaching the RC to the wishbone linkages.
Ensure the linkages are not pressing against the body of the car, if they are, slacken the 13mm bolt that holds them to the wishbones, adjust to free them, then re-tighten.
Using the torch and tape measure, check the distance between the far ends of the threads either side of the unions are 73mm apart.
Release the 13mm lock nuts, move them well away from the unions to allow free movement of it, and adjust accordingly so the threads are 73mm apart.
Let the car settle.
Check the spirit level.
If the car is leaning, rotate both unions by 3 flat sides, doesn't matter which direction as long as they are both turned the same direction.
See if the car leans more or less.
If it doesn't move at all, turn it another 3 flats.
Basically I can't remember which way leans the car left and which way is right, so you'll have to adjust the unions to get the car to move to find out.
Once you've found which direction corrects the lean, adjust both unions one flat at a time until the car is level.
Get out from underneath the furnace that is the engine, take several steps back from the car and visually check how level it is.
Adjust as required then lock the unions in place.