such a useful forum, i'll include my spannersworth.

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such a useful forum, i'll include my spannersworth.

Post by arielrider » 11 Feb 2011, 16:21

Hi folks, I run a Xantia 1.9 td now after zx td and several 2cv's including a gs 1300 engined hot rod...scary! As my name suggests I'm into Brit bikes and enjoy the perthshire lanes in summer.( a Tuesday this year I'm told.) I'll be posting a couple of Xantia tips on bad starting, overheating & faulty temp gauge reading...all related.
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Post by jgra1 » 11 Feb 2011, 17:11

a Tuesday this year I'm told

welcome Ariel .. I am a (jap :shock: ) biker, I also have a Xantia TD which had some starting issues, can have a wildly fluctuating temp gauge, and now has the STOP light on for too long in the mornings :twisted:

Otherwise it's perfect, apart from the heavy clutch and suddenly notchy gearbox

the body work is rough too.