Hey I am new and maybe different.

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Andy F1
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Hey I am new and maybe different.

Post by Andy F1 » 27 Sep 2013, 14:06

:-D Hi,
I have up and down pressure problems plus my cars not well.
You may want to help or just laugh at my misery. What it is,is this.
I had a small windfall and I wanted to buy a car for my wife.
I did all the usual having a small amount of money studied what would be right etc. then bought a Fiat Ulysse Auto. I tested and purchased. Regretted it after 10 miles went back. The place was locked up.
Now this is where you may be able to help or have a laugh!
Repair by the dealer is more than the cost of the car. I am talking Auto Transmission.
Garage replies vary slightly but are generally,
" We will have to send it to a specialist, your looking at £1500 "
Now what I have discovered and why I am here is that my Fiat is a disguised Peugeot 807 (Reminds me of the Italian in "Allo Allo"). It even has Peugeot part numbers.

I have discovered most of the problems revolve around the sealed for life status of the al4 gearbox (as used on the Peugeot 807)and in the Fiats case the pressure and lock up solenoids.
I need to locate the solenoids. I am not an expert but always willing to have a go but I don't want to disturb bits I don't need to. But if I can do this I will redeem myself in my wife's eyes.
Are you able to tell me where they are and even maybe how to get to them?
My advice to any one out there buying is:
If you have a plan and have studied what you need etc.

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Re: Hey I am new and maybe different.

Post by myglaren » 27 Sep 2013, 16:03

Welcome Andy.

In the first instance I would consider some legal advice before shovelling money at the car as the vehicle should be fit for purpose and with a kippered autobox clearly isn't.
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Re: Hey I am new and maybe different.

Post by Citroenmad » 27 Sep 2013, 19:52

If the place you bought it from is a garage then really you should be abe to push for a repair or refund as its not fit for purpose. Sale of good act & trading standard will help you there.
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Andy F1
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Re: Hey I am new and maybe different.

Post by Andy F1 » 28 Sep 2013, 11:06

When I said it was a whim the dealer was in central Birmingham Digbeth. After I got hold of him by mobile (His mobile is always on answer. This kind of artist apparently throw the sim away and buy a new one) he announced a "Closing down sale on gumtree" and is as far as I know gone. Like I said I did not stick to my plan. The car had other issues which were solvable but explained the price.The real problem was hidden.
I now want to find the solenoids so I can go and find the guy because you and I both know he is still out there.

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Re: Hey I am new and maybe different.

Post by Hell Razor5543 » 28 Sep 2013, 16:26

Hello Andy, and welcome to the forum. Sorry that you have been sold a lemon, but it might still be possible to recover. I believe that the Citroen Synergie is also an Ulysse/807 clone. There are people on the forum who know auto-boxes and how to repair/rebuild them, and I would be surprised if it takes long for them to offer advise (other than the option to take it back, but that is no longer available).
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Andy F1
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Re: Hey I am new and maybe different.

Post by Andy F1 » 30 Sep 2013, 10:50

Hi Hellrazor,
Thanks for the welcome. Interesting the connection. I have found a diagram of an al4 Auto from a Citroen. I am hoping with study and courage I can find the Pressure Sensor and the lock up solenoid as I believe these correct most problems. To be honest I am finding the idea of taking the gearbox apart a bit daunting but I won't be beaten because the vehicle is otherwise good.
As an aside I have noted the dealer or the lock I bought the vehicle from is trading again on Gumtree in Birmingham City Centre.

Andy F1
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Re: Hey I am new and maybe different.

Post by Andy F1 » 01 Oct 2013, 11:07

Today is another day. So here I go re messages.
SOGA with an older car is unlikely to produce results with a supplier who does not care about their reputation.
In the real world I need advice on how to repair the gear box.
I have 4 steps to follow, I am still on step 1, which is to change the automatic transmission fluid. With 78000 miles on the clock the sealed for life gearbox is faulty. It has improved with the partial fluid change. Should I change more till it runs clear.
Step 2 is locate the pressure and lock up solenoids on the al4 gearbox. Surely the man who knows must be out there? Is it you? Anyhow thank you for reading the diatribe of a desperate man.

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Post by addo » 01 Oct 2013, 12:22

It's not a difficult job, not specially fast, you can use a helper at the final adjustment stage.

Buy two new solenoids with the black sockets. A can of carb cleaner spray is handy as well. Clean around the front cover before removal. Use proper quality Torx bits as all screws burr readily. Note the position of deflectors under the cover and relative screw lengths.

Inspect the valve block before you unbolt it as the shuttle valve at the top corner has fairly critical alignment. When doing the final setup you need a helper to slightly press on the shift lever while locking the shuttle valve position. This ensures the shuft detents are correctly aligned with the electrical switch assembly.

When you can shift through all gears without setting off the flashing lights (without yet starting the motor) it is realigned and you may reassemble then top up the fluid.