Aussie trans tech help here.All types

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Aussie trans tech help here.All types

Post by Frenchtranstech » 31 Mar 2014, 02:47

My names is Tony and I've been building French transmissions since the early eighties, MJ3/MB1 bw type gm type vw type and recently AL4/DPO AW ZF so if there is any A/Trans related questions I can surely Answer them.

Now I have spent a lot of time with the problems with AL4 s and are happy to input some responses to some threads as I do at Aussie frog s in Australia. Thank you .

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Re: Aussie trans tech help here.All types

Post by Trainman » 01 Apr 2014, 02:22

Welcome Tony,

I have a feeling you and I are going to be chatting quite a bit, given my Xantia V6 gearbox issue....

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