Hello, new 206 SW owner

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Hello, new 206 SW owner

Post by Ross74H » 11 May 2015, 14:20


Just joined the forum and thought I would introduce myself. I have brought a 206 SW Dturbo as my daily driver a while back and I have just started on sorting out a few of the problems it has got and then it should be up and running as my daily driver.

Anyway, thought I would join for help and advice with regards to getting it up and running.

First problem is getting the wonky rear wheels sorted - I have been told that its due to failed "rear trailing arm bearings" so I am guessing I need to swap the rear axle out, I have been looking at rear axles from GTI 180s on ebay but not sure if these will fit.

Anyway, be good to be part of a friendly forum


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Re: Hello, new 206 SW owner

Post by CitroJim » 11 May 2015, 18:02

Welcome Ross :-D

Yes, definitely a rear axle swap job... It was a very common failing on the 205 too... Once they're wonky it's a specialist job to fix them.

You need to be careful over what you swap to depending on disc or drum rears as the stub axles are different....

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