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Post by peugaultcitroman » 29 Aug 2015, 11:24

Antony Barrett

Hello All . . . Firstly, Thanks to the Administrator for registering me. I'm Male, 54, and have always had a fondness for French Cars, Esp those from 60s to early 80s. My first job from leaving School, in 1977, Was with Weldale Motors Renault Dealer in Reading, (sadly, it is no longer there) My parents owned various Renaults and Peugeots over the years, though no Citroens sadly, However we looked at alot and test drove some, and some friends of mine had parents who owned them. I was born and lived in Wokingham, and have very fond memories of spending time at our local Citroen Dealer, Concorde Garage. Does anyone remember either of them or the Staff there ? I have a Peugeot 604 Gti Saloon, In Graphite, with Blue Velour interior, which I'm told was requested by the original owner in preference to Leather !! It is one of the last, 1985, RHD, and is Reg No : B 720 XYO, (Supplied New by Peugeot Dealer in St. Johns Wood, London), If any of you out there know of the Car ?? Btw . . . Hope you all like my User name ? ☺

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Post by elma » 29 Aug 2015, 12:52

Hi Antony, welcome to the forum.
Do you drive or are you looking for another 604 nowadays?

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Post by CitroJim » 29 Aug 2015, 14:42

A very warm welcome Antony :-D

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Post by Stickyfinger » 29 Aug 2015, 18:29

The ACTIVA, as logical as cubed tumble-weed