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Hello from Suffolk

Post by 2cy » 09 Dec 2015, 19:40

Hello, I'm new to the forum, and a returnee to Citroen A-series ..after just a few decades away.

I'd been looking for a tax-exempt 602cc 2cv., but there seemed to be very few 1970's cars coming onto the market (not at least in the three months I looked). And of the later cars.. well perhaps I'm just a grumpy old xxxx on too tight a budget ...who remember the old prices, but I failed to see the 'good value' in the cars being offered. To me.., they either seemed to be silly prices &/or projects that would soon cost more than the car's worth. I might add that I was looking for a driver and not a fashion accessory (or should that be anti-fashion ?)...

Anyway as a consequence I was looking abroad to find a rust free example (I'd like to tour Europe and the former eastern block, so LHD is no problem), and I happened across an Ami Super Berline just advertised in Slovenia. I used to work there and have a very good friend on whom I could call upon to view the car for me. He did so and suggested that it was scruffy but seemingly solid. The following weekend (three weeks into November) I was on Easyjet with Euros in my pocket.

The car is a 1974 luxe model and has matching numbers. And its been in the back of a very dry garage for 16 or 17 years. Situated in Koper which was where the car was made by Citroen-Cimos. The clock presently reads almost 49,000km (30,500 miles) which may even be correct. I'm hopeful but time will tell !

As described, the car is scruffy but seemingly sound, unfortunately the footwells had been plated over. Seemingly robust but.., I'm always dubious especially in areas of double skin. So I've arrange to take the car across to 2cvKaza (in the north of Slovenia) to have the floors and anything else structural professionally dealt with, plus a mechanical check over and replacement of cam-belts etc., before I drive the car across Europe to sunny Suffolk. I'm hoping to do that as a holiday sometime in May or June. 8-)

I've now spent quite a few evenings studying all I can on this little car with its 1015cc 4-cyl. boxer OHC / Citroen GS motor. And yesterday ordered a glovebox series : Ami Super Repair Guide 168 pages (1975) by Peter Russek. It's in English but coming in from Germany. I'll then loose myself in all sorts of confusion and anxieties #-o

If anyone has first hand experience of this particular model then I'd welcome your thoughts. Otherwise anyone in this part of the country with an Ami, who would like to enthuse with a newbie ?

Regards, Peter
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Re: Hello from Suffolk

Post by Hell Razor5543 » 09 Dec 2015, 19:43

Hello, and welcome to the forum. I have no experience of anything older than an H reg BX, so I am not going to be able to offer any help. Have fun though.
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Re: Hello from Suffolk

Post by sandybx » 10 Dec 2015, 22:11

Welcome Peter :) very pretty little cars the Ami,s and the Super,s are the best of the Ami,s :) :wink:
The Citroen dealer I worked at in the 70,s used to have an Ami 6 saloon, it was very very pretty 8-) sadly it was only for spares or repair :roll:
Vince :)
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Re: Hello from Suffolk

Post by 2cy » 10 Dec 2015, 22:35

Thankyou both for your welcome. The Ami is a strange little car, as indeed are many older Citroens !? This one grows on me the more I learn about it and delve into the why's and wherefores.

The Ami 6 is an extraordinary cleverly designed car for it's time, with distinct elements of 1950's Buck Roger's styling about it ! The Ami 8 and the Super appear to enjoy many of the 6's virtues but with toned-down styling. Of course the Super with it's heavier construction (than any other A-series), stiffer suspension, and a useful turn of performance became something in its own right. And now there's not many left in the UK according to the DVLA records. In their day, the Super was said to be something of a Q-car, whereas today I suspect that even many enthusiastic Citroen owners wouldn't with any certainty be able to identify one Ami model from the other. And of course it's performance is no longer as brisk as many modern economy cars.

I have a number of questions, which I guess I'd better post under the appropriate section, but again I thank you for taking the time and trouble to welcome this newbie. I'll post more when I learn more or at least get to see the car again !

Until then, my best regards, Peter
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Re: Hello from Suffolk

Post by van ordinaire » 14 Dec 2015, 16:21

Never heard an Ami described as "pretty" but not unattractive for all that, wouldn't mind one myself - & I'm very envious of the drive home: a journey I'm not unfamiliar with.
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Re: Hello from Suffolk

Post by 2cy » 14 Dec 2015, 17:03

Vince was referring to the Ami-6 Berline, and yes they do have an appeal ..from a new-born paternal sort of way. And appropriately they're often painted in pastel colours. :-D

Re my own.. Many things to check over, much recommissioning and work to do beforehand, but yes I'm also greatly looking forward to the journey north. That'll most likely be sometime next June. I'm hoping my dear friends ; Jani (who is a Slovenian paraplegic) and Janna (from Belarus) will join me, and we'll have the time to enjoy the trip. I'll have to see if there are any interesting events &/or museums along the route to drop in to. =D>

I did spot a customised 'Super on the net and thought it looked really cool. 8-) which as I don't have photobucket I'll attach a link to (which you may prefer to open under a new tab) ...
I don't happen to like those wheels.., but aside from that - I'd be very happy if my car looked anywhere as neat..

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Re: Hello from Suffolk

Post by 2cy » 17 Dec 2015, 21:37

And this is mine :wink:

...sorry it doesn't want to show here ??

Anyway... it and more on are 'Dropbox' (..which is best opened under a seperate Tab. And please ignore it when it says to register, just close it via X in the right hand corner of that pop-up window )


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Re: Hello from Suffolk

Post by 2cy » 23 Dec 2015, 12:21

Wishing you all
A Very Happy Christmas
and Seasonal Greetings

from Sunny Suffolk

Once upon a time, long ago.., the 2cvGB club had a local branch meetings somewhere hereabouts to cater for the south of Suffolk and north Essex enthusiasts. I understand they called themselves the Suffolk Shires (as in the magnificent work-horses). That gathering appears to have long gone and my local meet is now the 'Mad Cows' who herd together on the 3rd Wednesday of each month near Bury St. Edmunds. A small but friendly group whose meetings double as a dining club. I enjoy their company.. =D>

However, I wondered if any other classic Citroen, &/or other classic model of French car, enthusiast would additionally like to meet up occasionally around the Ipswich / Colchester / Woodbridge area for a pint of ale and a chin wag, perhaps even a bar meal, or a fish n' chip run out., and/or to occasionally visit with other local classic-car clubs of other marques, or perhaps a museum or two (I'm also interested in old motorcycles, aircraft, and water-craft) ?

I'm an early-retired Design Engineer, and my own car is a 1974 Ami-Super, as I personally like the funkie cool quirkiness of post-war to 70's French (and Italian) cars.. 8-) ...whether Citroen, Renault, Peugeot, Packhard, Talbot, or whatever marque, and in whatever state !!

I'm not interested in forming a club per-se, as I can't be arsed with club-politics, nor will my own car ever be concourse (personally I prefer a decent 'driver'), but hey.., I'm happy to enjoy an evening in the company of others with an interest in anything similar. Specials and oily-rag enthusiasts are equally welcome. Current ownership or possession is not a perquisite (not least as my own car is not yet in the UK !).

Anyone interested ?

fyi - Here's a list of French car makers courtesy of the fantastic Wikipedia :
Able (1920-1927)
Ader (1900-1907)
ACMAT (1958-present)
AER (1930)
Aerocarene (1947)
Ageron (1910-1914)
Ailloud (1898-1904)
Ajams (1920)
Ajax (1913-1919)
AL (1907-1909)
Alamagny (1947-1948)
Alba (1913-1928)
Albatros (1912)
Alcyon (1906-1929)
Alda (1912-1922)
Allard-Latour (1899-1902)
Alliance (1905-1908)
Alphi (1929-1931)
Alma (1926-1927)
Alva (1913-1923)
AM (1906-1915)
Amedee Bollee (1885-1921)
Amilcar (1921-1939)
Ampere (1906-1909)
Anderson Electric (1912)
Andre Py (1899)
Antoinette (1906-1907)
Arbel (1951-1959) also known as Loubiere, Loubieres, Symetric, Symetric-Arbel, or Symetric-Paris
Ardent (1900-1901)
Ardex (1934-c.1937; 1952-1955)
Ariane (1907)
Aries (1903-1938)
Arista (1912-1915)
Arista (1952-1967)
Arola (1976-1983)
Arzac (1926-1927)
AS (1924-1928)
ASS (1919-1920)
Astatic (1920-1922)
Aster (1900-1910)
Astra (1922)
Astresse (1898)
Ateliers d'Automobiles et d'Aviation (AAA) (1919-1920)
Ateliers de Construction Mecanique l'Aster (1890s-1912)
Atla (1957-1959)
Atlas (1951)
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Auge (1898-c.1901)
Austral (1907)
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Automoto (1901-1907)
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Avolette (1955-1959)
Ballot (1921-1932)
Barre (1899-1930)
Beck (1920-1922)
Bedelia (1910-1925)
Bel Motors (1976-1980)
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Bellier (1968-present)
Benjamin (1921-1931)
Berliet (1895-1939)
Bernardet (1946-1950)
Bignan (1918-1930)
Bleriot (1921-1922)
BNC (1923-1931)
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Bugatti (1909-1963)
Butterosi (1919-1924)
Cambier (1897-c.1905)
Castoldi (1900)
Cedre (1975-1987)
CD (1962-1965)
CG (Chappe et Gessalin) (1966-1974)
CGV (Charron, Girardot et Voigt) (1901-1906)
Chaigneau-Brasier (1926-1930)
Chainless (1900-1903)
Charlon (1905-1906)
Charron (1907-1930)
Chenard-Walcker (1900-1946)
CHS (1945-1946)
Claveau (1923-1956)
Clement-Bayard (1903-1922)
Coadou et Fleury (1921-c.1935)
Cochotte (1899)
Cognet de Seynes (1912-1926)
Cohendet (1898-1914)
Colda (1921-1922)
Constantinesco (1926-1928)
Corre (1901-1907)
Cottereau (1898-1910)
Cottin & Desgouttes (1905-1931)
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Crespelle (1906-1923)
Croissant (1920-1922)
Culmen (c.1909)
Dalifol (1896)
Dalifol & Thomas (1896-1898)
Damaizin & Pujos (1910)
Dangel (1968-1971)
Danvignes (1937-1939)
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Darmont (1921-1939)
Darracq (1896-1920)
Le Dauphin (1941-1942)
David & Bourgeois (1898)
DB (1938-1961)
De Bazelaire (1908-1928)
De Cezac (1922-1927)
De Dietrich (1897-1905)
De Dion-Bouton (1883-1932)
De Marcay (1920-1922)
De Riancey (1898-c.1901)
De Sanzy (1924)
Decauville (1898-1910)
Deguingand (1927-1930)
Deho (1946-1948)
Delage (1905-1953)
Delahaye (1895-1954)
Delaugere et Clayette (1864-1934)
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Georges Richard (1897-1902)
Georges Roy (1906-1929)
Gillet-Forest (1900-1907)
Gladiator (1896-1920)
Gobron-Brillie (1898-1930)
Gordini (1951-1957)
Goujon (1896-1901)
GRAC (1964-1974)
Gregoire (1904-1924)
Grillet (Company name. Cars sold under the name "Ryjan") (1920-1926)
Grivel (1897)
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Simplex (1919-1921)
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Siscart (1908-1909)
Sixcyl (1907-1908)
Sizaire-Berwick (1913-1927)
Sizaire Freres (1923-1929)
Sizaire-Naudin (1905-1921)
Societe Parisienne
Soncin (1900-1902)
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Soriano-Pedroso (1919-1924)
SOVAM (1965-1969)
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Stimula (1978-1982)
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Talbot (1919-1932; 1979-1986)
Talbot-Lago (1932-1959)
Th. Schneider (1910-1931)
Thomson (1913-1928)
Tourey (1898)
Tracford (1933-1935)
Tracta (1926-1934)
Triouleyre (1896-1898)
Tuar (1913-1925)
Turcat-Mery (1899-1928)
Turgan-Foy (1899-1906)
Unic (1904-1939)
Underberg, of Nantes (?-?)s:Popular Science Monthly/Volume 57/October 1900/Gasoline Automobiles
Urric (1905-1906)
Utilis (1921-1924)
Vaillant (1922-1924)
Vallee (1895-1902)
Vermorel (1908-1930 as an automobile producer)
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Re: Hello from Suffolk

Post by myglaren » 23 Dec 2015, 12:34

Hells bells - more carses than cheeses!
If at first you don't succeed, parachuting probably isn't for you.

Jackie Evancho

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Re: Hello from Suffolk

Post by 2cy » 23 Dec 2015, 12:49

Yes.., and add to these similar lists from Britain, Germany, Italy, the Benelux, and even Spain..!

One wonders if even these would shock the Euro politicians who presently crush such innovation and enterprise under their foul-smelling bureaucracy..? OK perhaps that's just my opinion ;)

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Re: Hello from Suffolk

Post by CitroJim » 24 Dec 2015, 05:44

That's a heck of a list...

For a local meet-up try a post in the Meets, Rallies and Get-togethers area of the forum. I'm sure there'll be takers!

Founder and only member of the Ford Ka Preservation Society...

Please feel free to follow me on Facebook and Strava :)

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Re: Hello from Suffolk

Post by 2cy » 28 Jan 2016, 21:44

Does anyone have a copy of CAR magazine from May 1973 available to scan a couple of pages and forward them to me.. please ;) I really don't want another magazine kicking around the house (on ebay for £5 +p&p), but I'd be interested to read the article on the Ami Super. "Fastest car you can buy for under £1000"