Hi from North Kent

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My Cars: My eighteenth Citroen is a two toned grey 1990 Citroen 2cv6 Charleston, built a month before production of the 2cv.Seen a lot of Europe with it purely for the pleasure of motoring, roof back, along those sublime roads lined by trees on either side. Last year totally refurbished and one of the SLC chassis fitted by Ken Hanna himself.
Mitsubishi i-car, this petrol powered fuel sipper tardis of a car should really have been taken up by Citroen instead of the poor selling over priced electrical identical Citroen C Zero with the 90 mile range.[Though I did consider a second hand C Zero but just couldn't stomach that short a range.] The 660cc three cylinder turbo charged car would surely be strong candidate for a modern 2cv, priced around or below the Citroen C 1. I once owned a Renault Laguna V6 which I luckily sold before the ailing auto gearbox or electrical seats packed up. No more Renaults for me!

Hi from North Kent

Post by greycharlestoner » 17 Apr 2016, 01:31

Hi there all you good people,I caught the Citroen bug when I was a young boy back in the late fifties and I had an 'Air Force Type' uncle who had got thru the Second World War as well as the Korean 'Police Action' as they called it. His stories about Spitfires and Hurricanes and Avro Shackletons were highly interesting and he drove a Citroen Traction Avant with great verve and having the speed marked in kilometres when I was a back seat passenger was always exciting weatching the spindly speedo clock showing 90 100 110 KPH. On the other hand my solid engineer father's Rover would always be stuck at around 40 0 or 50 mph of course& did not match the speeds which I thought Anyway the Rover's very solid lines did not match the flowing lines of the Citroen. Needless to say that at art school my Morris Minor which packed up was replaced with a Dyane 6 which held my paints portfolio etc very well & then, holding down part time jobs as a student barman and a tally clerk on the wonderful Union Castle Royal Mailships which called in at Cape Town's Table Bay Harbour regularly topped up my savings so the next year when a nice Traction came up I bought that from it's original owner.By coincidence a Slough built Light Fifteen with an ailing gearbox was offered to me for a tenner by the owner who approached me at a set of traffic lights when I was driving the Traction, so that made it three. From that time till today when I own a very nice late model 2cv, I have owned eighteen Citroens. Now retired I alternate that with a nippy Mitsubishi i-car, I had hoped for a C Zero but got put off by the 90 mile or less range. We also a Fiat estate car for lugging large items. Oh yes, and I have had a few MGs as well as a TVR Vixen to spice things up. If there are any fellow 2cv-ists I hope to discuss foibles and fun things. And I keep a keen eye on Xantias and potential problems or strong points as I aim to purchase a nice estate car version some day as well as a Pluriel. Right, one thirty in the morning and time for bed!

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Re: Hi from North Kent

Post by Hell Razor5543 » 17 Apr 2016, 07:04

Hi, and welcome to the forum. Nice vehicle history. If you are looking for an estate Savoy has a good looking C5 estate up for grabs, and he garage is in the Recommended section.
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