Afternoon all....

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Afternoon all....

Post by milleplod » 03 Sep 2016, 15:14

I've recently bought a very nice, 2009, one-owner C5 2.0HDi Exclusive Tourer, having previously owned a fair selection of Citroens, and also 2 Mk IV Espaces. My acquaintance with French cars has always been happy, no horror stories, no huge bills....and yes, I'm touching wood as I write, there's always a first time....! :-D

The C5 has 70k miles recorded, it drives beautifully and I love the auto-box, it seems very well suited to the engine. I had wondered if it might feel a bit underpowered, but it does seem to 'make progress' very nicely when required. :)

Anyway, prior to purchasing, I browsed this Forum and scoured the 'net, trawling up as much info as I could, and found nothing to put me off the C5 at all. In fact, a friend has one he bought 5 years ago as an 'ex-demo' - his only problem in 60k miles has been the driver's window, which I think is a fairly well-documented issue and didn't cost him the earth to fix.

Glad to be aboard, hope I can make some sort of contribution as my ownership progresses! :wink:

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Re: Afternoon all....

Post by myglaren » 03 Sep 2016, 15:24

Welcome milleplod :welc:
Not all C5s misbehave - it's just the ones that do have a higher profile.
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