The Citroën Conservatoire - 3rd October 2016

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The Citroën Conservatoire - 3rd October 2016

Post by citroenesque » 01 Feb 2016, 12:29

I imagine many will know of this semi-mythical place. A truly stunning collection of Citroën cars, concepts, specials, competition and prototype vehicles with lots of other interesting exhibits. If you haven't been (and even if you have) it's well worth a visit and especially as it's fate is still uncertain given the Aulnay factory is now closed. We have a trip planned for the 10th anyway, but that's full up, so....

I have an additional date for a Conservatoire visit. It is Monday 3rd October 13:30pm

Contact me on if seriously interested in joining the trip. It's only 8€ to get in by the way.
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Re: The Citroën Conservatoire - 3rd October 2016

Post by CitroJim » 01 Feb 2016, 12:35

I consider myself highly privileged to have visited the Conservatoire last year.. It is a true Mecca for any Citroen devotee and a visit is highly recommended...

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