radio question

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radio question

Post by den169 » 30 Jul 2002, 22:30

My xantia has a system audio 3030 rds radio fitted can anyone tell me if its possible to fit a disc changer with this model and if it is would a kenwood disc changer fit or would it have to be a particular one.
And finally can anyone tell me who makes this radio.
many thanks

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Post by shaunthesheep » 31 Jul 2002, 00:06

den, your radio is made by Blauplunkt, should you need to remove it from the facia, you will need a torx srcewdriver bit set.

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Post by hardmanm » 31 Jul 2002, 14:59

Unfortunately the Citroen (Blaupunkt) CD changer is pretty expensive, and the 3030 stereo is not particularly good, so it therefore probably makes more sense to buy a new stereo and CD changer from Halfords or whatever. You can buy an adapter kit to fit a standard shaped stereo.