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Post by andyg » 30 Jul 2002, 23:27

Has anyone tried successfully to raise or lower the rear end of a ZX TD Volcane. According to Haynes Manuals, you can do so by removing the torsion bars and rotating them by counting the number of splines, apparently each spline is worth 3mm in height, so how come when i adjusted the rear end of my vehicle to raise it 6mm (2 splines) - it had actually jumped up 27mm (all i needed was a fog light bolted onto the rear axle and i was away - late 70's style).
Can anyone tell me what i done wrong, the vehicle is now back as it was - standard.

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Post by gjb02 » 31 Jul 2002, 05:22

Hello, I lowered my Saxo Vtr myself, having never encountered Torsion bars before, raising just being a reversal I hope this helps. I pretty much threw the Haynes manual away on this one. Ignore the whole number of splines equals b@:@>cks. The way I did mine was:
1. Raise both rear wheels off ground, and allow the trailing arms to hang unsupported.(Shocks still in place!!)
2. Measure height from top of hub to wheelarch vertically.
3. Support the trailing arm and remove shock.
4. Pull the torsion bar, and lower the trailing arm with a trolley jack, whilst measuring from the hub to the wheelarch, until you are minus the figure you wish to raise the car from the reading taken from 2. ie. 48cm starting +30.mm raise look for 51cm when trailing arm raised.
5. Get under the car and adjust the torsion bar till it locates at both ends. If that means pulling it in and out and rotating one notch at a time, then let it be so. Eventually the bar will locate.
6. Release the trolley jack from the trailing arm, it may drop slightly, take another measurement.
7. Repeat on the other side.
8. Are both trailing arms/ hubs at the same distance from the wheelarch. Then reattach the shocks. Don't tighten them until the weight is on the wheels. If not you may need to adjust one or both sides again, allowing for the slight drop that occurs or even a slight measurement miscalculation.
You have carried out this operation before so you can fill in the simple little gaps I have missed.
I have been driving my Saxo without fault for 18months since I lowered it, and touch wood....