Saxo Rear Drum Brake Adjusters

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Saxo Rear Drum Brake Adjusters

Post by PaulS » 31 Jul 2002, 18:38

Can anyone tell me how to release the self adjustment ratchet on Bendix Saxo rear brake shoes by poking a screwdriver through the wheel nut threads in the drum. Even with the drum off (puller) I can't see how to do this short of dismantling the whole mechanism. It is locked solid.

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Post by JohnD » 31 Jul 2002, 23:41

Hi Paul - At the base of the leading brake shoe there's a couple of serrated surfaces. Both of them are spring loaded. Move the bottom one against the spring tension and the long arm will move back, taking the shoe with it. With the drum in place, the footbrake should correctly adjust the shoes.