suspension knock

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suspension knock

Post by marco1 » 01 Aug 2002, 03:26

hi got 2.0 16v xantia new tyres new a very slight knocking sound nearside front on reversing/as i apply breaks,been under with crobar cant see or feel any worn joints, new discs and pads put on last year so there allright .. any idears??

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Post by lozian » 01 Aug 2002, 11:49

Check driveshaft joints on full lock both ways.

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Post by NiSk » 01 Aug 2002, 13:00

Would guess it's one of the following:
1) Anti-roll bar bushes
2) front wishbone inner bushes
3) engine subframe mountings
4) engine/gearbox mountings
could also be:
- main ball joint
- suspension turret
- steering rack attachment

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Post by hardmanm » 01 Aug 2002, 16:55

Beware before you assume the worst, on my Xantia this happens and it's just the brake pads shifting slightly in the calipers - I think some aftermarket pads are looser than others.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 02 Aug 2002, 04:21

Yep agree with Mark there, lot's of car's do it, not just Cit's.

alan s
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Post by alan s » 02 Aug 2002, 16:42

I'd put money on it being the brake pads too.
This was a common problem on BXs so can't see any reason it wouldn't carry on into the Xantias.
If you go to "common problems & fixes" you'll see where I posted to this effect a long time ago.
Alan S

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Post by marco1 » 02 Aug 2002, 23:22

hi cheers for advise i now think your right about loose pads in calipers,thanks the way just done clutchcable and clip,what a bastard no skin left on hands,citroen need a kick in arse on this,agreat car in all other respects.