hydralic fluid reservoir overflow

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hydralic fluid reservoir overflow

Post by walshy » 01 Aug 2002, 03:32

i have a 1994 xantia turbo diesel inwhich the hydralic fluid reservoir constantly overflows, i have replaced both filters and have cleaned out the 'straw' . any clues to what this may be??

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Post by lozian » 01 Aug 2002, 12:03

If you are referring to the LHM tank, surely it must be overfilled. If the level is checked as per the manufacturers instructions, and the float is at the correct position, the LHM is nowhere near the top of the tank. Unless some other problem is forcing the LHM back into the tank. But surely then, other symptoms would be apparent.

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Post by NiSk » 01 Aug 2002, 13:07

The LHM tank is sufficiently large to hold ALL the LHM in the hydraulic system (i.e. even with an empty system, the required amount of LHM in the tank to fill it and allow max suspension height wouldn't nearly cause an overflow).
If you put the car up to max height, with the engine running, there should be several inches of free space above the liquid level in the tank.
My guess is that you have far too much oil in there.

alan s
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Post by alan s » 01 Aug 2002, 18:34

Could be that you have a blown sphere/s.
In this case, the section of the sphere normally filled with Nitrogen gets filled with LHM. When the car is parked and settles, the fluid is forced from this space and is returned to the cylinder.
I had a similar case many years ago with a CX; when running it gave symptoms of being low on LHM so naturally I topped it up. I then parked the car in town and returned to see a pool of LHM flowing from under the car. When I looked into the tank to see how low the level had fallen, I found to the contrary it was full. Driving home I went round a corner fast and the low fluid level buzzer went off. Slowly and carefully drove home and parked the car, got changed into work clothes and again found the tank was overflowing. A couple of new spheres cleared up the conunderim. You think you're going crazy before you realise what's causing it though<img src=icon_smile_clown.gif border=0 align=middle>
Alan S