overheating xantia 19td

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overheating xantia 19td

Post by walshy » 01 Aug 2002, 22:17

my 1994 xantia 1.9td is regularly overheating from average 80 (over last two years) to 85-95. Could the head be on its way out, or a blockage in the cooling system, i.e. radiator. Also, has this engine model got an intercooler. No obvious leaks and water pump is ok

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Post by JohnD » 01 Aug 2002, 23:50

Hi Pete - Yes, you do have an intercooler. Its in front of the radiator. To trace your overheating troubles, start by making sure that the space between the intercooler and the radiator is clear of leaves and other debris. Give the cooling system a thorough flush and refill with fresh antifreeze.