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Mousey Xantia

Post by Cannonball » 06 Aug 2002, 00:50

Why does my 1993 Xantia 1.9D (108K) back end squeek squeek squeek? (on the car that is..) Suspension is level, no movement from trying to rock the wheels, rises and falls level. I am considering buying new spheres for the back end and a large drill bit and carrier bag<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>...
Seriously, the back end is starting to get rather bumpy. Citroen dealer says "They just squeek!"
P.S. The mouse dissappears for a few miles when it rains heavily...<img src=icon_smile_shock.gif border=0 align=middle>

alan s
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Post by alan s » 06 Aug 2002, 05:06

Could be the first sign of the swing arm bearings starting to go. The fact that is disappears when it's in heavy rain indicates that it is either water getting into an almost seized bearing and "lubricating" it enough to stop the squeak or there is a rubber bush almost seizing that the water ingress is loosening.
Park the car at normal height setting and push down may localise the source although some of these noises are evident when the car is moving and hence the wheels are coming up rather than pushing down.
On the BXs & CXs, I have always made it a practice to fit grease nipples to the swing arms. This isn't accepted by all, but in my experience I've found that it helps to stop the moisture getting into the bearings area to start with; as to whether it lubricates the bearings I can't say as I have never had to remove the arms again to find out, which must tell you something.
Alan S

Chris Peddie
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Post by Chris Peddie » 06 Aug 2002, 13:28

Mine tends to do the opposite! The n/s rear squeeks when very damp or wet and going over some bumpy bits. I had assumed this may also be a sign of the bearing going. Haven't tried the trick of moving it when depressurised to check yet though.

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Post by rsmith » 06 Aug 2002, 16:06

I know this sounds silly but check the spare tyre craddle is tightened up properly (if you haven't already).
This has happened to me before and it took a long time for me to work out what it was.
Unfortunately for you this doesn't sound like the problem but you never know...?