Horn Failure

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Horn Failure

Post by lozian » 06 Aug 2002, 12:09

Hi all. Anybody help maybe, with this intermittent problem. Citroen Xantia 1.8i LX 16v 1997. Last week I discovered I had no horn. On investigation, discovered blown fuse 20a which the Citroen handbook says covers horn, horn compressor and towbar. Replaced fuse and all go again, horn working. 2 days went past, same problem - no horn - same fuse blown. Fuse replaced and all systems go again, horn in use, and been O.K. for a week or so !!!Question is, what else is on that circuit maybe not mentioned in handbook which could be blowing the fuse. I have a towbar fitted, but not fused through that circuit, and not being used at the time of the fuse blows. Been an incredible amount of rain here lately, so could it be water ingress ?. Cannot actually get at the horn to ascertain if all O.K. there, but will have to do some dismantling to check them. Since the horn or horns ( 1 or 2 ? ) are on the nearside, under the headlamp, is a lot of dismantling involved ? Also are the horns controlled by a relay. Cannot hear any 'clicks' when horn is used. Thanks.