Increasing power outputs...

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Increasing power outputs...

Post by reffro » 06 Aug 2002, 20:58

Besides Superchips does anybody know of any tuning companies that are able to chip my Xantia 2.0i 8-valve to produce more power? I'm not looking for massive differences just a bit more torque to help with getting off the line a bit better, as mine has an automatic gearbox.

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Post by NiSk » 07 Aug 2002, 13:16

There are literally hundreds of companies out there waiting for your trade! Either do a search via e.g. google on the Internet, or buy a car magazine - they are festooned with adds from chippers (Van Aaken and Allard just to mention two well regarded suppliers).
Make sure your chipping doesn't increase the torque outside the figure that your autobox can handle! This is the main reason why car manufacturers are loath to fit automatics to turb-diesels, there are autoboxes that can handle the torque, but they are expensive!