Intermitent cutting out of engine (Xantia 1.8 16v)

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Intermitent cutting out of engine (Xantia 1.8 16v)

Post by calywal » 08 Aug 2002, 22:28

Wonder if anyone can help ?
My Xantia 1.8 16v has started to intermitently cut out.On slowing down at lights or junction or turning corners the revs drop to zero and the engine cuts out !
It will start again but almost immediatley cuts out again unless I rev the engine hard.
I have been told that it might be the Magnetti Marelli stepper motor which controls the idle speed of the engine...
Has anyone had experience of this problem at all. It happened once before over a year ago but seemed to 'fix itself'
This component is pretty expensive for the size of it and I want to be as sure as possible that it is at fault before I go ahead and buy one.
Many thanks for any help you can offer.

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Post by lozian » 19 Aug 2002, 12:38

Try changing fuel filter. Could be a fuel starvation problem.

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Post by hswift » 22 Aug 2002, 18:21

I used to get exactly the same problem with a 1.4i ZX, and I came to the conclusion it was the idle speed stepper motor. At about £100 to replace, I lived with the problem. Taking the component out now and again and giving it a cleaning used to help.