xantia brake control valve

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xantia brake control valve

Post by ukmobileman » 09 Aug 2002, 04:55

my brake control valve on my xantia is loose ( i guess it should be secure!)it also leaks!! i am going to replace with new but how is it held on? ( haynes manual is somewhat vague!!)are the bolts undone from inside (under dash/near pedals) or do they undo from engine compartment? i haven't looked at it closely yet!

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Post by RichardW » 09 Aug 2002, 14:06

AFAIK the brake valve is bolted on from inside. Leak may just be a pipe union that needs tightening up - I had this on my BX when it failed an MOT - especially if the valve itself is loose - try tightning it up, and nipping up the unions to see if this cures the leak.

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Post by Aubrey Smith » 13 Aug 2002, 04:03

I had the same problem on my 94d Xantia.I found the bubber cover had split on the push rod. Which is part of the brake control valve in side the car. Also the nuts which holds the brake valve are behind the brake pedal.You can buy a repair kit.