Xantia 2.0i SX rear pad repl. Advice needed

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Xantia 2.0i SX rear pad repl. Advice needed

Post by wibblywobbly » 10 Aug 2002, 20:03

Can anyone tell me if this a simple job for a competent home mechanic. I have the pads, but don't want to pull anything apart that might not go back together again!!
Many thanks

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 10 Aug 2002, 21:25

Rear pad change on a Xantia is a cake walk, one 6mm bolt to remove, shield off and spring, pad's and shim's then come out, push piston's back in, clean dust and rust off, copper gease caliper (where pad's sit) and between pad/shim/piston's.
Pad's, spring's shim's back in, shield on, bolt in job done.
Shim's go in with the cut away half to the top.
Chip away any scale build up at the inner and outer edge of the friction track on both sides of the disc.
Check the disc for deep scoring and heavy rust on the friction track, if they look bad or have worn thin replace them, they don't cost much.