Sinking door feeling :( on a BX

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Sinking door feeling :( on a BX

Post by vanny » 12 Aug 2002, 05:45

I've got the age old sinking feeling with the driver side door on an F-reg 1.9RD BX. The door has dropped an easy 1cm in the last year, to a total of an inch and a half. The door also seems to be buckling at the top.
What is the correct way to fix this? I assume welding is the cure (which is fine because i know a man who can weld snot to silk curtains!), but what gets welded? Anybody any experience with this? Anybody got a picture of how to do it?
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Post by RichardW » 12 Aug 2002, 13:51

There are two possibles here:
1. One of the hinge pins has broken off.
2. One of the hinges has rotted away where it is welded to the car.
Open the door wide and move it up and down at the end whilst looking at the hinge area - you should soon be able to see whether it is just a broken hinge pin, or if one of the hinges has rotted out. Broken pin can be repaired by drifting out the broken pin and banging a new one in, or by sticking a nail down the (hollow) centre of the pin (temporary of course....). If one of the hinges has rotted out, then you need to get it welded back onto the frame - you may need to make a plate behind it to fill in the hole if it's big. Had this done on my car earlier in the year - cost £20.