ZX TD Cold start

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Post by Paul Thomas » 22 Aug 2002, 19:25

One other thing I noticed, there is a two-way connector in-line on a cable just to the right of the fuel filter. It has a metal spring to hold the connector together.
Both cables entering this connector on the one side have disintegrated resulting in the outer sheath falling away and the copper wire starting to discolour and corrode.
I have wrapped the wires in insulation tape and will cut them back and put new crimp connectors on instead.
Does anyone know what these wire may be without me tracing them ?
Could they be making a bad connection ?
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Post by Jon » 23 Aug 2002, 19:59

I'm afraid to say..... the connector that you mention is actually where the wiring loom joins to the crank sensor (follow the cables back and you'll see what I mean) Its function on an ordinary TD is merely to measure flywheel speed, and thats where the rev counter gets its information.
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Post by sooty » 24 Aug 2002, 02:25

One thing to try, if you think air maybe getting into the system.

Before you try starting, turn on the ignition fully, this opens the fuel soleniod on the pump to allow the fuel to flow, operate the hand-priming pump till you feel it to be hard to pump, its normally on the top left side of the engine. Then try to start, if it starts ok, it either means you have air in the system or leaving the heater system on for so long, allowing the plugs to fully heat, while you pumped the heater plugs where fully heated.
I say this because, I had a problem with a F*&d Escort, the plugs I purchased from Halfords being thier own brand, were very slow to heat. I changed them later for 'NGK' rapid heat and it cured the problem. I have them fitted to my ZX and 306, no problem.
The other thing to check is, how long doe's the heaters stay on, which is controlled by the relay, which very near in front of the Battery. They normally stay on for 2/4 mins.