MORE ZX suspension stuff

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MORE ZX suspension stuff

Post by Jon » 14 Aug 2002, 14:06

We've talked at length about ZX rear subframe mounts, but I've found a new fault in this area which we have not mentioned before.
If your ZX has been used for towing, has done a high mileage, or feels a bit unstable at motorway speeds; and your subframe mounts are OK, have a look at the rear damper bottom mountings.
The rubber bush at the bottom of the damper becomes ovalated, and if noticed in time, can be replaced with a new bush for £4.50. If the bush is not changed the bottom of the damper came become oval, causing a banging noise and a poor ride. Then of course the only option is to fit new dampers. This was the case on my ZX Volcane at about 100,000 miles, although that car had done a lot of towing.
I inspected my ZX Aura 99,000 miles (no towbar) and noticed that the shock absorber rubbers were just starting to "go", so I'll renew them at the next service.
Anyone else had this? Assume it would also affect 306 and Xsara too.
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