Xantia Heater Blower Not Working

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Xantia Heater Blower Not Working

Post by p.rourke » 15 Aug 2002, 02:54

The heater blower on my xantia as stopped working any advice would be appreciated

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 15 Aug 2002, 03:11

Start with the electrical part of the ignition switch, a known fault.
It has been known (on this site) for the ignition key to get hot due to arcing contact's in the switch.

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Post by jemboyd » 16 Aug 2002, 18:06

Let someone check the fan motor (under the glove box). I recently had this problem and discovered a bad connection at the motor.

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Post by stevenlizuk » 17 Aug 2002, 00:59

hi pete
check the fuse to see if you are getting a current across the contacts (obvious). my heater blower died on me and it turned out to the main feed in the loom had a split in the insulator allowing the copper core to corrode clean through. there is also a thermal cutout resistor on the fan motor which sometimes needs replacing.
hope that helps
steve k
steve kerr

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Post by wheeler » 08 Oct 2002, 01:09

check the seal at the scuttle panel for leaking in water to the motor

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Post by mg46783 » 08 Oct 2002, 06:19

Well !! Plenty of ideas here then so you should get to the bottom of it eh!!
My personal favourite would be, as someone mentioned , the wiring to the heater motor, under the glove box. Been there,done that.
Switch your ign. on, switch the heater blower on, then go under and have a wiggle of the wires. If it bursts into life - there you have it. Tends to be loose wires or, more likely, worn /sticking brushes and just wiggling the wires starts it off again usually, usually for a long long time. Only if your unlucky (if this is the fault) will you have to whip the motor out and "study" it. Tha said, its only 3 secrews if I recall. Let us know what happens anyhow.