xantia hot rod act

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xantia hot rod act

Post by ukmobileman » 19 Aug 2002, 04:59

now i have the xantia td running again, it is doing the hot rod act again (jacked up back) it had a new height corrector on back to cure this problem before i took it off road 3 months ago - it didnt really cure it i still had to do the 'cit up and down' to settle it. well now 3 out of 4 times it jacks all way up at back the other time it rises fine - how can i cure this - do i just need to alter the ride height setting clamp ( i confess i didnt re-set it when i put the new h/corrector on)or could it be a problem with the h/p pump as the steering also sometimes seems affected if the back is high(sometimes stiff sometimes over sensitive)but not always.
G J Wright