mixed up xantia spheres

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mixed up xantia spheres

Post by baldrick » 24 Aug 2002, 19:27

I've just changed the rear spheres on a 1.9td dimension 1996 N.
Got confused when reading haynes manual and fitted hydractive ones by mistake,will this make a great deal of differance to the suspension.
I will be changing front ones over the bank holiday should i also change the accumalator sphere at the same time as when i press the brake peddle the accumalator clicks and the steering feels stiffer than it was when i bought it.
thanks baldrick

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Post by JohnD » 24 Aug 2002, 20:29

Hi Baldrick - Although the volumes of the two spheres are the same, the pressures are different. Obviously, with the wrong spheres fitted, the ride isn't going to be as intended. If the pump is clicking frequently, change the accumulator. Usually they're at their limit at three years old.

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Post by Dave Burns » 25 Aug 2002, 00:41

According to the pdf.'s in the download section the pressure's are the same but the damper size is smaller, so you car will feel a tad lumpy at the back me thinks.