Xantia aerial

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Xantia aerial

Post by davethewheel » 25 Aug 2002, 04:28

hi all , my Xantia td radio will not hold station even on strong stations ,has any one replaced the aerial on a Xantia the haynes manuel suggests you have to remove the head lining (is this true)also does any one know the price of a new one ,cheers dave

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Post by shaunthesheep » 26 Aug 2002, 23:42

dave, you don't have to remove all the head lining, just the two sun visors at the front & clips. you will need a torx bit set, 8mm socket. i needed to replce mine cause the aerial was snapped, NOTE: when undoing the 8mm nut from the aerial base it is worth using a spare 8mm socket taped to the inside of the roof, to retain the nut in location for ease of refitting as there is very little room to play with.
any more popblems let us know