hydralic pump seal & brake piston tool

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hydralic pump seal & brake piston tool

Post by shaunthesheep » 27 Aug 2002, 06:21

hi folks,
a while ago i wrote to ask about replacing the hydralic pump seals (6 torx bolts). i've found out that two are leaking (front face) lots of tacumn powder used!! is there anyway to replace all six 'o' rings without removal of the altenator??.
also the grooves on the brake pistons is it worth me getting the flat bladed tool used to retract the piston back into the housing??, keep getting fed up with scraped knuckles.

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Post by NiSk » 27 Aug 2002, 12:40

I dunno which is cheaper, a pair of gloves or the brake insertion tool (laugh) . . . however, if your going to keep Citroëns in the family, the tool saves a lot of anguish (and possible seal and disc damage).