Xantia hop in brake pedal

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Xantia hop in brake pedal

Post by Eugene » 28 Aug 2002, 02:20

I have a 1994 Citroen Xantia with a slow hop in the brake pedal. The brakes come on and off slowly and can be felt in the pedal. The abs is working correctly, and anyway the hop is too slow. Front discs are not at fault as they are new and the hop is there when the car is stopped. It feels like a hydraulic problem. Anyone any ideas?

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Post by shaunthesheep » 28 Aug 2002, 05:46

have your car had any hydralic work done recently??,
if yes lloks like you might have air traped in the brake circurt look in a haynes manual for how to bleed brake circuit as it does'nt self bleed it self unlike the rest of the system.
let me know of any up dates