front wheel bearings

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front wheel bearings

Post by marco1 » 31 Aug 2002, 14:49

ive got a whining front wheel bearing,noisy going round bends car done 97,000 miles haynes rag says should last life of car???? anyway are they a bugger to do diy im capable but do i need any pullers and such. any advise would be appreciated.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 31 Aug 2002, 16:27

Fortunatly I haven't had to do a wheel bearing for some time, the last one I did was on a 205 diesel.
Not only can they be a bugger but can be a very great bugger depending on machining tolerances as they are an interferance fit in the hub carrier, not to mention corrosion.
I have a range of puller's so was able to do the job still on the car, it was very tight and required alot of force to get it out.
I suggest you locate a company that will press the old one out and the new one back in for you, then you can remove the hub carrier and simply take it to them along with the new bearing.
If you want to do it yourself you can do what you like to the old bearing to get it out, but pressing the new one in you must only drive it using the outer race, if you place a high force on the inner race the bearing will be damaged.

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Post by Davewall » 31 Aug 2002, 22:22

I`ve done three front wheel bearings-did not find any too difficult.
When removing, pull the bearing IN first as hard as possible,this ensures that there is some clearance for the circlip which has probably rusted onto the bearing. Use pleanty of WD40 to ease the circlip and when removed pull out the bearing - I used a suitable sized bolt, washers and spacers.
Use the old bearing outer shell to pull in the new bearing. Agood coating of grease on both the bearing and housing helps.

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Post by hardmanm » 06 Sep 2002, 22:53

When I changed a front wheel bearing on my CX I just took the hub off, and took it and the new bearing to a local engineering shop.
They swapped the bearings over and relieved me of a fiver, saving me a lot of grief in the process.
Just a thought!

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