Query on ZX ENGINE swop 1.9 TD

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Post by mg46783 » 09 Apr 2003, 02:56

Hi Andy..
This read was in danger of wandering off topic somewhat eh ! ;-)
Not that Im bothered like it was an interesting read - and now I see its come back to base! What you say about the rings.. therein is where I reckon the problem will be... I dont reckon I will actually SEE anything looking after having removed the head..and the belt by the way is fine...I dont really have it sussed , other than my original thoughts.. ie, welded rings etc.. Knowing the chap thjat was driving it I reckon it was well cooked!!
Ive just done an engine change on a Peugeot Partner D van... What A job !!! I reckon the ZX will be similar... Im not looking forward to it! Plus- Im still trying to find a "reasonably" priced lump... not easy.
Cheers for now then..
( Is this the longest strung topis on record??!! )

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Post by q_007 » 13 Apr 2003, 04:03

Hiya Mate
Where abouts are you - theres a ZX TD at my local breakers - Its in West Drayton, Middlesex if your local!

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Post by tecw1979 » 16 Jul 2003, 04:19

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by mg46783</i>

Ive seen a couple of discussions on ZX engine swops - but have 2 questions...
I could do with knowing if I can fit a non-turbo'd engine into my ZX TD - and then fit up the Turbo of the car - if you understand... ie, would it be "too much" for the non turbo'd engine - Therefore - do I have to find an engine that was originally Turbo'd.... ?
Thats the first question -
2nd... Ive realised from these discussions that the fact that the car has an immob. keypad - I am going to have to consider this when getting another engine - I didnt know about this -- therefore question.. What do I need to look out for ? What are the implications of my car having the immob. pad when looking for an engine????
and finally... Anybody have a "suitable" engine for sale ???
and..... any other advice would be most welcome...
Thank you in advance ./..
Edit::: Car is a P reg 1996. 1.9TD
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immobiliser????? keycode? whats that to do with an engine change? if in doubt take it out! if i spent an hour with a cat2 immobiliser id have it out nice and neat n rewired as if it was never there!ive had to do this many times whan buying salvage cars!! basicly the immoby breaks a number of circuits.trace the black wires back to the original loom and reconnect the loom. if factory fitted its a bit harder but the haynes should help with wiring diagram or u can test while cutting and cranking the wires n work out what does which curcuit.