Xantia 1998 Blower Motor

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Xantia 1998 Blower Motor

Post by Graeme » 08 Sep 2002, 04:20

I have recently purchased a 1998 T reg Xantia 1.9 TD SX (aircon).(facelift model) Unfortunatly my blower has stopped working on all settings auto and manual. Can someone please give me some advice on diagnosis. I have removed the blower motor. and if I apply power direct to motor is spins ok. Where is the regulator for this car. Is is the silver module fittted to the blower motor. I have purchased a haynes manual but unfortunatly it does not cover this model. Any help much appreciated.

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Post by lozian » 08 Sep 2002, 17:12

Hi Graeme,
See posting P.Rourke 16th Aug 2002. Lot of good info here. Also transistors, housed as part of the motor, are used to control speed in some models. They need to be checked.
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