xantia 1.9 turbo desial sr 19.97

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xantia 1.9 turbo desial sr 19.97

Post by deck121 » 10 Sep 2002, 02:58

could anyone help me i have this clikking fault witch comes from the ingtion switch area when i switch on and also driving along it does not appear to be in the haynes manual it drives you crazy . also if anyone has had the red stop light come on and the temp orange lighton it is only that it needs a drop of water to top up the res tank Citroen told me it was the bitron box or the gauge or the speedo or rev counter this was from a rep dealer total cost would have been£375.00 plus vat if anyone could help thank you deck121 ps anything else i find out i will tell you also you get no help from Citroen manifactories i have contacted them they say try dealers and to what cost to you /?
derek evans

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 11 Sep 2002, 03:56

Don't know about the clicking sound, probably a relay going ape for some reason, there are quite a few near that area, see if you can locate it by feeling for it, if you find it swap it for another of the same type, if it still clicks you will have to find out what the relay does and wether or not the circuit it controlls is working ok.
Do you mean the orange light actually in the temperature gauge its self or are you refering to the orange low coolant light.
I recently had the (in gauge) temp light on, the rad fans were on aswell but the engine temperature was normal, this was not accompanied by the red stop light.
I unplugged the connectors relating to the cooling system and closed the contact's up a bit with a screwdriver as none of them looked to have any corrosion on them, the fault has since ceased to appear.
Suggest you try something similar Derek.