Buying advice Xsara HDI

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Buying advice Xsara HDI

Post by volcane305 » 11 Sep 2002, 14:56

Hi all
After much sweating I still haven't been able to return my volcane to its former glory(found too much rust also) i also haven't been able to find a replacement that isn't wrecked. I have test driven the Bora and the new Ibiza which was good esp the 130 but too small. I have decided to go for a xsara 110 hdi sx. I hope to pick one up for not more than 8k about 18 months old and 20k miles. Does anyone have any experience with the 110 xsara, what should I look out for? I especially hate rattles does the xsara rattle. Has anyone moved from a Volcane td to a Xsara? will I have to drive like a granny in the xsara?
All help welcome"!

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Post by gjb02 » 11 Sep 2002, 18:03

THe Xsara is pretty much the ZX, most of the chassis has remained the same(the early Zsara used the ZX floorpan), it will rattle a lot less than the ZX as well, the interiors are lovely. Go down to a dealership have a look around one, get a test drive, it won't cost you anything. As for performance, the HDi is supprisingly quick, so I've been told<img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>