relays under ing switch for xantia 1.9 turbo disei

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relays under ing switch for xantia 1.9 turbo disei

Post by deck121 » 11 Sep 2002, 22:46

ihavea 1997 1.9 turbo deisal xantia i am still getting a clikking under the steering wheel cowlig by the ing switch i know someone told me their is sensors under their but what they are for i dont know the haynes manual dosent show very much to go by i would be very gratfull if anyone has had this prob and what it was also idont seem to have a very good accleration power when i am driving thro the gear box to fifth gear its very poor for a turbo thank you for any help anyone can give me this car has only done 52.000 miles just about run in and has been serviced reguarley iam very disabled and rely on my car to get around its my legs and after using various garages and being ripped of because of my disabilty they seem to think i like many of us are niaive but we are not we appceate all the help we can get to know what it is thats wrong with our cars to help stop this happeng thank you deck121
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