Lowering a ZX td

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Lowering a ZX td

Post by sooty » 12 Sep 2002, 01:20

I am seriously thinking about lowering my 1996 ZX td. In standard form my daughters 1997 306 td is lower by approx. 30mm. I assume these use the sports suspension setup, I've noticed its tighter with its damping.
So what do I do ?, fit lowering springs to lower by 30/35mmm with the existing std. struts and inserts, and adjust the rear torsion bar setup. OR do I get hold of a pair of std. struts from a 306 td, with the stiffer sports inserts and already 30mm lower, with options of lowering by a further 30/35mm and fit uprated rear dampers for the lowered rear end.
This should make the ZX a better 'Ground Hog'? I'll probaly stay with the 30mm, because of scraping the underside over certain entrance's.
Any comments??

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Post by volcane305 » 12 Sep 2002, 01:53

The link http://www.tuning.co.uk/puglowering/lowering.htm tells you all you need to know about lowering the rear. The volcane zx is factory lowered so all the bits from one of those should do your trick if you can find a good one. A side affect would be the addition of rear discs.

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Post by Chrisk » 12 Sep 2002, 14:29

My ZX has been lowered 35mm at the front using just up rated springs. The rear has been lowered 50mm and has up rated dampers. When lowering the rear I would strongly recommend changing the dampers as my standard ones started going saggy very quickly-ruining the ride. If you want the car to be a proper 'ground hog' are you considering changing the wheels for wider items? My car is running 16" alloys and very rarely grounds out.
Hope this helps