Xantia ride quality etc

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Xantia ride quality etc

Post by Machra » 12 Sep 2002, 17:57

I have 2x problems with my 1.9TD 98 Xantia.
Firstly the ride isn't upto what I would have thought for a Xantia. I have replaced 4x spheres plus anti-sink, + new LHM. Ride is still fairly harsh but when I am stopped and bounce the car it seems fine. My accumualtor is ticking about every 15 seconds when at rest, car empty, could this need replacing, and would this affect the ride quality.
Secondly the right hand side of the car is approx 1/2 inch lower than the left hand side. Is there a way of curing this.

alan s
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Post by alan s » 12 Sep 2002, 18:13

Suggest you have a read of some of the points in this attached link. They are in reference to the BX but I feel are applicable in your case.
As far as your accumulator sphere goes; sounds as though it could be on the way out by the consistency of the ticking, however it will have no bearing on the ride. I would think that there is more of a relationship between the car being lower on one side which may just have something to do with lower control arm bushes being worn.
Alan S

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Post by iancook2000 » 13 Sep 2002, 01:11

The apparent harshness of the ride could be down to the tyres. My 99 Xantia HDi does not ride as smoothly as my 94 TD used to. They have different tyre sizes. The old TD had 14" wheels with a fairly tall profile, whereas the HDi has 15" with low profiles.
Can't help you with the lop sided suspension, I'm afraid.
Ian Cook