LHM - old Vs C5

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LHM - old Vs C5

Post by mbunting » 16 Sep 2002, 22:26

I understand the C5 has a different type of LHM.
Anyone know what the differences are, if it could be used in older cars ( Xantia / XM / BX ) with any advantages ?

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Post by Jon » 17 Sep 2002, 02:10

Its not anything like LHM! LHM is a mineral oil, LDS is not. LDS is like a power steering fluid. I will explain further techinical details when I am back in work, but in a nutshell LDS is a coloured version of the latest power steering fluid as used by Merc, VW etc. In no way is it mixable or indeed compatible with LHM.
When I'm back at my desk (bloody pen pusher!) I'll post the technical specs of LDS and your'll see what I mean.
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