Citroen diesels - how many miles??

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Citroen diesels - how many miles??

Post by Alan White » 17 Sep 2002, 04:16

My 93 ZX 1.9D (non turbo) has done 177,000 mls. It is regularly serviced and has new oil (Motaquip non-synthetic) & filters every 6000 mls. It hasn't been the most reliable of cars but it is economical and robust and I've kinda got quite attached to the old girl. But I was wondering if anyone had any idea how many miles I could reasonably expect to get out of the old girls lump? Could she be good for another 100k? Someone once told me that 250k was the norm for a diesel engine.....

Dave Bamber
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Post by Dave Bamber » 17 Sep 2002, 04:33

Seen 390,000 on a Xantia 19D. 350,000 on Pig 205D, which had never been in bits. Both well serviced and had racked up the miles on the motorway so few short engine killing runs.
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Post by alan s » 17 Sep 2002, 08:30

We had a lady on another forum who works for a research company driving a car they had "retired" from the research program but who was asked to keep them informed of how it performed as it was used as a guinea pig for a synthetic oil (all its life) It had done 535,000 MILES last we heard and was still going strong. She knew of others which from memory had done around 450,000 miles and another written off in a prang at about 260,000 so based on this I'd say, sit back, look after could be a long wait until it carks it [xx <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle> <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Post by greatoaks » 17 Sep 2002, 12:24

Ive had 250,000 on a 205 D Turbo which used no oil at all and 225,000 on a 309 1.9D which seemed to run better as the miles increased, only sold it when the bodywork started to dismantle itself around me.
My advice is to keep the car and see how many miles it will do.

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Post by NiSk » 17 Sep 2002, 13:14

My XM TD12 ('93) has done 460 000 km (= 290 000 m)since new. The only serious problem I've had was when the rubber hose between the injection pump cold start mechanism and the cylinder block burst at 90 mph. By the time the BIG RED warning light and buzzer started working, the head gasket was shot! Expensive repair. Otherwise, it uses no oil between changes and is still on its original clutch. Admittedly it's the 12 valve 2.1 liter version, but its basically the same block as the 1.9.
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Post by Jon » 17 Sep 2002, 15:01

About 12 years ago when I worked at an Independent Citroen Specialist, we used to look after a D reg BX 19D that was a minicab. It was owned by 2 brothers, and driven in shifts so that it was basically on the road 24 hours a day! They always bought the BX in every 6000 miles for an oil and filter change that we did while they waited. About every 2 months they left the car with us for a full service and checkover.
Anyway, it arrived one day on a flatbed, broken down, at a mere 437,000 miles! The gearbox had just fallen to pieces! We thought that the boys would call it a day and scrap the BX at this stage, but they were so pleased with it that they paid to have a brand new Citroen gearbox, clutch etc installed; and once done it went on its merry way again for another 10,000 miles or so until it was written off in a crash.
I got to drive it at 437k after we'd put the new box in, on road test, and although it felt a bit tired and down on power, it was not a bad drive as it had had spheres, arm bushes, rear arm bearings.
Its worth mentioning that it had its first head gasket at over 300,000, and was on its original starter and alternator!!!!
I think that it was replaced with a 405D but we did not get to look after that one.
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Post by Rich » 22 Sep 2002, 04:11

I knew i should have kept that old BX17RD!!!!! It only had 170,000 miles on it too!! I finished up giving it away because rain was getting into the front footwells and i could not for the life of me find out where it was getting in. I hate cars that leak!! Oh yes, back to the said subject; my dads '94 Xantia SX/TD has 110,000 miles on it, not alot really compared to the above mentioned, but it does seem to drive better with every mile it clocks up!! Citroen diesels, it is safe to say they will go forever on clean oil and filters!