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Post by roy.hassell » 12 Aug 2001, 18:03

I used to run a BX19TRS(carb).
I now run a BX19-16Valve with no previous experience of the model.Fitted new plugs,leads,cap,rotor,& air filter.
Suggestions for smooth tick-over & below 1500rpm running. Thanks.

alan s
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Post by alan s » 13 Aug 2001, 16:29

You've bought yourself what will probably eventually be one of the all time great collectables; welcome to the club. In the hose from the plenum to the air cleaner are a few sensors & queer things as well as a few smaller hoses. Firstly get some WD40 or similar into there if the inside of the hoses are covered with oil looking like treacle & clean all that lot out. Then check your accelerator cable has not fouled where it goes through the firewall & held the outer bowden cable on the outside of the sleeve where it goes through the firewall. Also check that your cable is in fact retracting back to the idle position; remove the cable from the quadrant at the plenum (manifold) & see if it then idles at 900 rpm when hot. That takes the cable out of the equation.
If all this checks out, then I suggest you firstly confirm that the cam belt has been changed within the past 45,000 miles if not either do it or get it done, & use an injector cleaner (Redex is a good one) but be sure it is Catalytic converter friendly (Redex is) particularly if it is a mark 2 which has a cat. If the injector cleaner improves it but does not cure the fast idling, then have the injectors serviced by a proper injector servicing company; it doesn't have to be a Citroen "specialist."
I would strongly suggest you join the BX 16valve club. You can find them either via the BX Q & A forum or via Yahoo.
Alan S