Xsara noisy at 1200rpm

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Xsara noisy at 1200rpm

Post by comuter » 30 Nov 2001, 20:47

It's a 1998 1.9TD SX.
The problem is when the engine revs are about 1100-1300 rpm there is a lot of
vibration. Anyone else have noticed this problem or is it just this one. I'm
suspecting the exaust.

alan s
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Post by alan s » 01 Dec 2001, 06:23

A soft engine mount can cause the same problem and by flexing can also make the noise actually come from the exhaust by allowing it to touch things it normally wouldn't, or by causing tension on the pipe between exhaust mountings and thereby creating a resonating vibration.
Check the mounts prior to chasing through the exhaust and then look for tighteness at mounts or evidence of exhaust touching the body. If the mount is soft or collapsed, pushing the motor round should make the noise either alter or disappear.
Alan S