ZX ECU Model

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ZX ECU Model

Post by Saravana » 05 Dec 2001, 09:25

I recently bought a second hand ZX 2.0 Volcane (Auto) 8 valve 1997 model.
The car's ECU has been changed and the model given is:
"MM8P 02 LFZ".
The local Citoen service center says that this is not a recognized ZX 2.0 8 valve ECU as their diagnstics system can't perform the diagnostics on the engine.
I was told that the correct ECU is:
"MM8P 02 RFX".
I know from the Haynes manual that LFZ and RFX refer to the engine models. My questions are:
1. What is the difference between the LFZ and RFX engines?
2. Is the LFZ engine a 2.0 engine?
3. What car uses the "MM8P 02 LFZ" ECU?
4. How come the car can still run even if
the ECU is different?
As I am new to the french car scene, I hope someone can help me wth this.
Thank you in advance.