BX throttle cable

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BX throttle cable

Post by adrianeaton » 09 Jan 2002, 18:58

My 16V BX broke its throttle cable on a dual carriageway last week - since the main dealer is just down the road I bought a replacement cable from them (big mistake!).
I fitted the cable and took it back to the dealer to be adjusted (never taken much notice of the adjustment before) - bloke says stick your foot down on the throttle - and twang, the silly little plastic clip that attaches to the throttle pedal broke - the same fault that happened with the old cable.
No more cables in stock so I was forced to leave the car with the dealer - and asked them to fit a new inner cable. Turned up on Saturday and the same thing had happened! Anybody else experienced this?
The throttle body isn't heavy, nore is the cable tight so doesn't make much sense. Citroen only supply the cable as a kit now but it looks OK - is there supposed to be a bush or something in the pedal to prevent the clip breaking?
Thanks all