Glow Plug Testing

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Glow Plug Testing

Post by Machra » 10 Jan 2002, 21:56

Is there a way I can test the glow plugs are OK without the use of a multimeter. My Xantia has become bad at starting and I don't want to remove all 4 plugs to test off the car if possible. Some are BAD to get at.

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Post by pwatson » 11 Jan 2002, 01:32

I have read, and I stress that I have not tried this method myself, that if you disconnect the leads from the glowplugs then take a connection direct from the battery to the glowplug that if you get a good spark the glowplug is OK. If there is no spark it is duff. Be careful you don't test your own conductivity!! By the way, I just took my daughter's diesel Clio to my local mechanic and he tested the glowplugs for nothing with his multimeter. He found two duff ones and replaced them but the testing was free - do you know anyone who could do this for you?